Answers From The Piercer

Is it safe?

When a professional piercer who has studied anatomy and physiology, who has spent 1000’s of hours practicing his art, and who uses the resources of 100’s of other professionals as learning tools, then yes it is safe.  Getting pierced in a living room/kitchen/bathroom by your buddy is not.

What should I do to prepare for my piercings?

Sleep well the night before, eat a good meal within 3 hours before the piercing, prepare the area a little bit(if you have hair in the area, trim it; if it is an oral piercing brush your teeth etc,.)

What is an autoclave?

An autoclave is just one of the devices a professional piercer will use to ensure that we give you the healthiest piercing.  It heats up clean jewelry and tools to a temperature and pressure that kills all germs/bugs/spores that way you don’t get sick from the piercing—it is up to you to maintain cleaning though.

Can I use any type of jewelry for my initial piercing?

No, only implant grades of Steel 316LVM ASTM F-138, Titanium ASTM F-136, Niobium, 14k & 18k gold.  Never anything from the mall.

What’s the difference between Internal and External threading?

Internally threaded jewelry is part of the APP standard for initial piercing jewelry: the part of the jewelry that passes through your skin is smooth, and the threads are on the removable end(s), such as balls, gems, or spikes. Internally threaded jewelry avoids any possibility of scraping your tissue with sharp threads, which is especially important with fresh piercings. The APP specifies initial piercings because they are the most susceptible to irritation and infection. Bacteria can reside in the nooks of the threading and come in contact with the raw flesh inside a new piercing hole, causing a whole host of problems.
If you have externally threaded body jewelry, it should only be used on well-healed piercings.
Internally threaded body jewelry does cost more, because it’s more difficult to manufacture. Novelty stores and mall shops can sell body jewelry for less because the quality is much lower, and this type of jewelry should never be used in an unhealed piercing. High quality jewelry from reputable shops (physical or online) will cost you much less in regards to your health, which shouldn’t have a price tag anyway!

Can I breast feed with a nipple piercing?

Take out jewelry before feeding the infant, however if pumping you can leave the jewelry in as it is not a choking risk factor.

Can I go swimming with my piercing?

IShort answer is no, not for at least 1 year.  Long answer is; ponds, lakes, bathtubs, even the ocean has way more bad bacteria than you want circulating in a un-healed (all piercings take a full year to heal completely) piercing.  Swimming pools, if you aren’t the one changing the chemicals then it is a contaminated soup.

What type of ID do I need to get a piercing?

A government ID: Military, Passport, Driver’s License, Learners Permit, Liquor ID.

How old do I have to be to get a piercing?

Under the age of 18 requires a parent with their ID matching name on Birth Certificate.
Earlobes can be 7yo+
Ear stuff, navels, oral piercings, eyebrows, single-point 16+ (see above)
All piercings 18+

Is It appropriate to tip your piercer?

If you feel the job was done well and you enjoyed the experience then yes, and tip however you feel it was worth.  It is the same as in a hair salon, nail salon, restaurant or tattoo shop.

Will I get an infection?

If you don’t follow the healing instructions and decide to do your own thing then yes.  Listen to your piercer; we know what we are doing.

Can I put a bandage on my Piercing?

It is not recommended.  Piercings need to breathe to heal correctly and bandages will either put pressure on the piercing or introduce and bring heat to said piercing.  Both of which are very bad.

Do you perform any piercings with a gun?

No! a gun destroys tissue we don’t use them.

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